02 July 2008

Uh oh it's raining again...

Finally, my shower post! My moh did an amazing job, and honestly my pictures don't do her justice. She took tons of pictures, so I will post those when she gives them to me. The theme was English Tea Party in a Daisy Shower -- okay, so I made that up, but you'll see what I mean. She had her backyard decorated with hanging white shower curtains, bright pink gerbera daisies, and buckets of shower stuff as center pieces. Of course, none of my pictures show this because I didn't think to pick up my camera until we moved inside!

My fmil and two fsil in sundresses and hats -- and lots of gifts.

Three of my bm's model the pottery barn robes I bought them as thank you gifts (my fourth bm is out of state).

My moh had each guest make a scrapbook page for me which she will add pictures to and give to me at the bachelorette party. All the good pics will be in the scrap book!

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