29 June 2008

Not sure I can do this...

I'm tired. Just plain tired. Seriously. My wedding is one month, one week, and four days away. I am currently teaching summer school M-TH, and taking master's classes Tues. & Thurs. from 4pm - 10pm. I feel like every moment of every day is planned. I have four papers due (2 for each class) that I haven't even started working on. I have escort cards to make, table cards to make, a seating chart to make, chocolate daisy suckers to make, chair signs to make, my veil to make, an aisle runner to order (or make?), a wedding arbor to buy or rent, music to select (I have not even thought about ceremony music), dance lessons to schedule, and I'm sure much more that I've forgotten. Yes, I know I can enlist my bm's, mom, and fmil to help me, but it still seems so overwhealming. When do I get time for me? How am I supposed to finish my master's classes?

The good news. I hired a day of coordinator to help me the day before the wedding and day of. She is the most organized person I've ever met. Hopefully her help will keep me from getting one of my stress migrains or stress ulcers. However, this still does not change the fact that I still have to get all this other stuff done.

Other good news. My fh seems to be getting interested in all of this. Today I got him to help out with a few things and finally get on his friends for not RSVPing.

I need sleep.


Guilty Secret said...

It's time to delegate. Get that to-do list and delegate absolutely everything you possibly can. Not everything will get done by someone else, but your list should go down massively.

Good luck!

Kelsey said...

I totally understand the pressure, but definitely start delegating. Try tho think of the things you can be OK with letting go of and maybe not looking exactly how you want and have someone else do it. Have your FI start the music lists for you too!

Also, be sure to take a day for yourself! Even if it means the programs arent finished a day early, at least you will have your sanity! Hang in there!

LadyT/getmarried4less said...

oh wow.....i'm feeling for you girl. so happy you got a DOC...hopefully she can roll up her sleeves and take off the pressure of running behind your vendors this last month.

i understand being tired. just keep pushing. i know you'll do what you have to do.

and all the major stuff for the wedding is done. really....there are 120 (my current Knot checklist count)little details that the majority of your guests could care less about.....u got your officiant, dress, your venues, your photographer, people will eat, they will dance. Keep the big picture in perspective. If you get to the end and those escort cards dont get done, guess what? people will find a seat!

i can not imagine how hard this must be....try not to stress the small stuff....and remember the awesomeness of getting married. Remember he loves you enough to spend his ENTIRE life with you. hold onto that.

ok...i'm done posting in your comments. *smile*

Talia Bigelow said...

You can SO do this. Be strong! I've been reading your blog recently (I can't remember who linked me to it though...I read so many others :-)) and I know you are excited about the wedding - and more importantly getting married to your FH!

I am writing this because I too am a grad student in the throws of paper writings while trying to plan a wedding. I am guessing that if you get the papers out of the way, everything else will seem a little bit easier. In my experience, papers sit above your head and mock you and make you stress every moment...the crafts, to a fun person like yourself, will get themselves done (I like all the others comments on delegation). Just remember, your education will be with you forever, and so will you man. The wedding will be over after one day.

Good luck!

CaliOC said...

Thank you everyone for your advice! I broke down on fh last night about the stress, so he has agreed to do a little more around the house and for the wedding. I have also delegated out some of the tasks. Fh is going to choose the cake topper, help with the music, seating chart, and escort cards. That is a big step for him. I managed to turn in one of the papers I was stressing about last night, so that is one thing to check off of my list!