12 September 2008

The Wedding Day

I'll be honest with you, my wedding day memory isn't as crystal clear as my wedding pictures. Everything happened so fast; like the entire day was on fast forward. In the morning I had my cup of tea as we waited for Dionna (the make-up and hair artist) to arrive. It was not as stressful as I had expected in the morning because we planned our time out really well; Dionna was scheduled to arrive at 7am and we needed to be at the UCLA Faculty Center at 2:00 pm (the W is only 1 block away from the UCLA Faculty Center). We all got are hair and make-up done on time; include my mom and mother-in-law. I also finished making me veil (I will save the details on this for another post)!

The only issue that I know of (remember, my wedding day coordinator Elaine dealt with all of the real issues that day) was that my photographer seemed to just not listen to me the whole day. First, he didn't set up the pre-wedding pictures in the location we had discussed. Elaine had to argue with him until he finally moved to the original location, but once he was there he didn't use it the way we had discussed. I'm still a little upset about this. Overall the pre-wedding pics turned out nice, but we should not have had to argue with him about it. The other issue with the photographer was at the end of the night. I only paid for him to be there until 9:15pm, but instead of just leaving at that time he decided to try to talk me into paying him more to stay later. Even after I told him to leave, he kept bugging me -- mind you at this point I'm not in the mood to make decisions. Elaine talked to him, and he decided to stay without the extra pay. Weird. The reason why I didn't really care is because one of my friends, Carolyn Love, is an amature photographer and she had her cameras there. Carolyn took all of the "getting ready" pics. Either way, it all ended up working out. I will admit that I do love most of my posed photos, but I am not super happy with my candids.

Once we got to the faculty center, the girls all got dressed. It was actually a lot of fun! My friend Carolyn Love took pictures of us getting ready. Once we were all ready we took our wedding party pictures and some family pictures. We also did a staged photo of Daryl and I seeing eachother for the first time. That was actually kind of fun. I hid behind a tree while the photographer posed Daryl, and then I snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

Then there was the ceremony, which I must say was amazing. I will write about that later. Goodnight!

10 September 2008

Pro Wedding Pics are Here!

I know it has been awhile since my last post. I've been crazy busy with work and school. I got my professional wedding pics over the weekend! There are almost 400 of them, so I picked some of my favorites and posted them on a wedding pictures site. If you are interested in seeing our wedding and honeymoon pics go to http://singhiphotos.shutterfly.com/ The tabs to go between the different sets of pictures is at the top. To view an entire album, simply double click on any picture in the album.