10 September 2008

Pro Wedding Pics are Here!

I know it has been awhile since my last post. I've been crazy busy with work and school. I got my professional wedding pics over the weekend! There are almost 400 of them, so I picked some of my favorites and posted them on a wedding pictures site. If you are interested in seeing our wedding and honeymoon pics go to http://singhiphotos.shutterfly.com/ The tabs to go between the different sets of pictures is at the top. To view an entire album, simply double click on any picture in the album.



GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

beautiful!!! you looked stunning!

i really liked the ceremony decor. and your wedding cake!

i notice a little toe ring action there......i just said to myself the other day that i want to find a atoe ring....my everyday one is lacking "specialness"...perhaps i'll find one in blue.

CaliOC said...

I'm actually wearing three toe rings. One silver surrounded by gold ones on each side. I always wear them, so I just cleaned them up a bit for th wedding. I am SOOOO happy with the way the decor, flowers, and cake all turned out. I went budget on everything, so I had no idea if it would really work. My day of coordinator is the one who pulled it all together for me. She even made the "pew" bows. I can't believe that yours is just around the corner!