25 May 2008

Dress Stress

More on the dress... So, I originally wanted a very non-traditional 1940's Hollywood style dress (similar to Guilty Secret) and when I tried these dresses on they looked great -- but they were not comfortable. So, I had to rethink, do I really want to be uncomfortable for 6 hours? On the next wedding dress try I brought my mom with me, and she talked me into trying on more "traditional" dresses, but ones that still had my sense of style. I was surprised at how many were out there! I eventually fell in love with just about every Maggie Sottero dress I tried on; I think I designed for her in another life. I finally decided on the Maggie Sottero "Colby" dress, it is strapless with some sworovoski beading detail at the bust, slightly ruched at the side, with a long flowing double layered skirt and a corset back. What makes this dress so great is that I can move in it, and similar to the earlier dresses I was looking at, there is no need for a fancy underwear set (I really hate "wedding" underwear -- it is just too much)-- I can get away with just wearing a cute thong and nothing else. Great!

So, then it was time to get measured and order the dress; this is where all of my dress stress comes in. According to the Maggie Sottero sizing chart my bust and hips fit the size 6 dress, but my waist fit the size 8 dress. The ladies at the bridal shop all insisted that I order the size 8 dress (I tried on a size 12 in the store, as they did not have any samples in smaller sizes). Their reasoning was that it is easier to alter a dress from big to small than the other way around. I asked them to leave the room so I could confer with my peeps. First, when they measure you they put two fingers underneath the measuring tape, adding an inch to the "real" measurement. Second, the back of the dress is a corset! In a bold step we decided that I could lose an inch or two around my waist if need be, but there was no way I was going to buy the larger dress and guarantee that I would have to pay at least another $200 (most likely more) for alterations.

So, I ordered the size 6. I have not lost any weight (as I don't really feel I need to), and I have not done any sit-ups to get my waist smaller (as I am lazy). My dress is in and I get to try on MY dress for the first time next weekend, and I am starting to stress. All of the "what ifs" are starting to get to me. Seriously, if it doesn't fit what do I do? The bridal shop made me sign a document stating that I would not hold them liable if the dress does not fit because I did not take their advice. Is there a way to get my waist smaller without loosing weight between now and and August 9th? How do I do that with my complete lack of self-discipline? Okay, I know, I should wait until I try the dress on before freaking out, but all of this is going through my head and I can't stop it. The next fear -- that the added fingers in the measuring tape actually make the size 6 dress too big for me, and now I still have to get it altered anyway! Ugh. In all of my dress trying-on experience I never once got to try on a wedding dress that actually fit me, so it was all just measurments and guesswork. Okay, venting done. Sorry. Hopefully my next post will be the wonderful and positive experience of getting my dress.

23 May 2008

The Dress...

I just got THE phone call... my dress is in! I'm trying to coordinate with my bridesmaids, or at least my maid of honor, to go with me for my first fitting. Whoo hoo! I'll write more later.

17 May 2008

Tuxes and Wedding Bands...

Today was a very productive day! I finally got Mr. Calioc out to look at wedding bands and tuxes. He was super easy to please when it came to his wedding band. He picked a yellow gold band that is very simple with some small detailing around the edges. It looks like the picture below, but I think is is a litte wider. We are also having the jeweler make my wedding band.

Since we had my engagement ring made to look lik the Tiffany Novo (but in 18k yellow gold), we decided to do the same with the wedding band. It will look like the Novo Wedding Band, except that it will have sapphires and diamonds! I can't wait! They said it should be ready in about three weeks.

We went to Men's Wearhouse for the tuxes. Sorry, I haven't been able to get the pictures from their website to post properly. The grooms men will be wearing "pool" vests and ties, Mr. Calioc will wear an off-white vest and tie, and my brother will wear the "oasis" vest and tie.

Unfortunatly, I naturally picked out the most expensive tux they have for rent -- it is by Calvin Klein. I decided to have the groomsmen match my bridesmaids, and have Daryl match me.

Now the only real big thing on my list is hair -- still have not found anyone to do our hair.

I think I have found a day of coordinator, but I won't know for sure until June 6th because she got married TODAY and will be on her honeymoon.

Bye for now!

14 May 2008

Invitations, RSVP's, and other Rants...

I know, I know, I've neglected my blogging and now I am so far behind I'm not sure where to begin! First off -- I mailed my invitations!! Woot Woot! They went in the mail this past Saturday, May 10th and I received my first RSVP on Monday! So far I have 15 RSVP's. My bestfriend's mom, let's call her bfm, called my parents sounding very confused. Apparently she hadn't connected the return address on the envelope to the phone number for the RSVP. So, she called my parents and said, "Um, I'm not exactly sure who I am calling, but I need to RSVP for the wedding." My mom then said, "Okay, I'm calioc's mom, who am I talking to", and bfm replied with her first name, which of course meant nothing to my mom. After a little more awkward bumbling it finally came out that bfm wasn't sure if she was going to be able to make it to the wedding, and just wanted us to know that she would try to get a shift change at work and that she wasn't sure how to go about RSVPing online, so she thought it would be best to call. My mom said it was rather funny and that she hopes that not everyone who isn't sure if they can go calls; she'd rather them wait until they know to RSVP.

I think I found a place that will dye my shoes; I'm going there after work tomorrow, so wish me luck! It also looks like we will finally go look at wedding bands and tuxes this weekend. I will update on Sunday with all of the details.

Okay, that is it for now. I will (hopefully) do a better job of keeping this updated in the future!

01 May 2008

Blog tag...

So I was visiting one of my favorite blogs "for the lack of money" and came accross her link for "broom jumping bride" and while reading her blog I found these rules for playing Blog Tag:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 things that you look forward to about your wedding.
3. Tag 1 new person to keep it going.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So, now I finally get to reach back into my childhood and play tag again! What fun!