17 May 2008

Tuxes and Wedding Bands...

Today was a very productive day! I finally got Mr. Calioc out to look at wedding bands and tuxes. He was super easy to please when it came to his wedding band. He picked a yellow gold band that is very simple with some small detailing around the edges. It looks like the picture below, but I think is is a litte wider. We are also having the jeweler make my wedding band.

Since we had my engagement ring made to look lik the Tiffany Novo (but in 18k yellow gold), we decided to do the same with the wedding band. It will look like the Novo Wedding Band, except that it will have sapphires and diamonds! I can't wait! They said it should be ready in about three weeks.

We went to Men's Wearhouse for the tuxes. Sorry, I haven't been able to get the pictures from their website to post properly. The grooms men will be wearing "pool" vests and ties, Mr. Calioc will wear an off-white vest and tie, and my brother will wear the "oasis" vest and tie.

Unfortunatly, I naturally picked out the most expensive tux they have for rent -- it is by Calvin Klein. I decided to have the groomsmen match my bridesmaids, and have Daryl match me.

Now the only real big thing on my list is hair -- still have not found anyone to do our hair.

I think I have found a day of coordinator, but I won't know for sure until June 6th because she got married TODAY and will be on her honeymoon.

Bye for now!


Guilty Secret said...

Ooh rings all sorted... how exciting! I love the idea of sapphires in that band :)

Ladyt/ Getmarried4les said...

woo hoo!!! i can't wait to see pics of your ring!

doesn't it feel good when you can check stuff off the big list of things to do.....

i saw you posted something on the boards....but can't figure out what you're talking about.

you know me, i'd love to help if i can....perhaps you can check that the thread and find out what happened to the pics?