09 July 2008

One month to go!

Yes, we will be married in one month and to celebrate we went to the court house and got our marriage license today. It was the easiest thing ever! Actually today was a very exciting day, in addition to getting our marriage license, the chocolate I ordered to make daisy suckers arrived and the sample paper I ordered for our table signs and escort cards arrived. So much wedding overload! Unfortunatly, the ink rubbed right off the paper I ordered, so now I have to make a decision: Do I have my heart set on Stardream Lagoon paper? If I do, how will I print on it? I could print on vellum and use it as an overlay, but then why buy such pretty stardream paper? Should I just go with a non-metallic paper? I need to figure this out soon.

I made a sample set of the daisy suckers; they are in the freezer right now. I'll be checking on them as soon as I log off.

My fmil called me at exactly 5pm tonight to remind me and fh that we would be married in exactly 1 month -- how cute is that!?

I'll write more soon -- please let me know if you have any suggestions for the stardream paper.


Guilty Secret said...

Congratulations on t minus one month! Sorry I don't have any advice about the paper... I'm just starting to get my head around this whole paper malarkey myself...

Alyssa said...

I am doing all of my own invitations w/ Stardream metallic papers. You have to use a laser printer. Cutcardstock.com and Envelopemall have the best prices for cardstock and envelopes. If you are interested in pocketfolds try cardsandpockets.com and envelopperinc.com.

Good luck and buy extra paper, you will need it. :)