24 July 2008

Escort Cards, Step One...

So, after rethinking my entire daisy sucker in a bucket idea, I've finally decided what I would like to do about escort cards. First, I decided that I would like the cards to be different colors to represent what the guest would be eating. Silver for Beef, Gold for Chicken, and White for Vegetarian.
Then I had to find a way to tie in my turquoise color and my daisy theme. I did this by having my student aid (gotta love free labor!) use a daisy punch on stardream card stock to create little daisies.

We then used Martha Stewarts glue pen to glue the daisies on to the upper corner of the card -- one on each side to give it a 3-D effect.
The next step... adding the guest names and table names. This was a simple project to do. I already had the daisy hole punch from work, the cards cost $2.25 in packages of 25 each from Paper Source, so I spent a total of about $14.00 on the cards, the lagoon stardream paper used for the daisies was 50 cents -- it was a sample sheet I purchased from Blue Dot. I spent about $4.00 on shipping, so in all the cards have cost me $18.00 so far. Stay tuned for "Escort Cards Part II".


Guilty Secret said...

Ah, they're really cute :)

Dana said...

These are cute. I love the aqua accent. Thanks for all the comments on my blog about my inspiration boards.