01 March 2008

Spa Day!

Hello! I belong to the best gym in the world -- Total Woman Gym and Atmosphere Day Spa -- and I am a "spa" member, meaning that I get one massage or facial a month included in my membership. Now, generally I would not be able to afford such a luxury, but when I joined 3 years ago they had an educators special that could not be beat, and they never raise the monthy rate. So, once a month for the last three years I've been getting a massage. So, today I went in for my monthly massage and two great things happened. First, they are running a special for current spa members to upgrade for only $35.00 extra a month to a two treatment plan -- so now I get a massage and a facial once a month! Which is great because I always ended up buying the facial anyway (which is $70.00). Second, they are running a special to purchase three treatments on a gift card for the same price as two treatments, so I decided to buy each of my bridesmaids a massage. The plan is to have a bridesmaid "spa day" the week of the wedding! I am so excited!

On another note, I am finishing my guest list by next weekend so I can order my invitations! Now I need to start thinking about wording...

Bye for now!

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