24 March 2008

The invitations are here!

When I came home from running errands this afternoon, there they were, waiting for me on the porch in a plain brown box. I ran up the stairs and knew that inside that boring box were my invitations -- exciting! I opened it right away to inspect my loot, and saw how perfect they are! So happy!
Here is a link to my invites: Invitations by Dawn -- the text is in Turquoise and we went with the pearl lined envelopes to match the daisies on the invite!


Lady T said...
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getmarried4less said...


i'm sooo happy for you! despite the fact that i'm reading this like a week late, lol....

i love this choice...ok, so i'm catching on....Daiseys are the theme? or spring?

oh...lol. i posted under my dormant weightloss blog and not under my married blog....its me,


Guilty Secret said...

Wow, so exciting! I love how they match your flowers :)

You must be nearly there having invites arrive!