23 March 2008

Spring Break...

Well, I've been a busy bee over the past week, and this week is going to be even crazier because I'm on spring break. So, last weekend my moh and I went to LA to:

  1. Look at wedding cakes in China town
  2. Check out hotels in Westwood
  3. Find a decent nail salon in Westwood
  4. Find a place that does hair and make-up (for a reasonable price) in Westwood

I would consider this trip one of the most successful we've been on. We managed to not only look at wedding cakes, but after only an hour pick one I liked and order it! I love China town -- we ended up getting it at Wonder Bakery. I'd post a picture, but the only pic I have was taken with my moh's cell phone and the cake was behind glass with bad lighting. It is a sweet and simple cake -- only two layers, one 10" and one 8" round. The cake is called "bridal white" and it has fresh strawberries w/bavarian creme filling. It will be frosted with whipped cream and decorated with buttercream daisies that look like they are "growing" from the bottom layer and lady bugs on the leaves. Yummy! Best of all it feeds between 75 - 85 people for only $185.00! Ok, so yes I know we are having more than 85 people at our wedding, but we are also doing a Vienesse sweet table, so I don't see the point in having enough cake for everyone. We also ordered a birthday cake for my grandma - she is turning 90 the day of our rehearsal dinner, so we are throwing a suprise party at the rehearsal!

We also made a hotel reservation! After looking at a few near the UCLA campus, we finally decided to get the "mega suite" at the W. It was cheaper for all the bm's and me to chip in and pay for one suite than have us each get our own room . The suite has 2 bedrooms, 2 couches (one pullout bed), two bathrooms with a total of 3 sinks, 2 showers, and a separate bathtub. It is 1,200 sq ft -- that is almost double the size of my condo!

Nail Salon -- there were so many and they all charge between $25 - $35 for mani/pedi -- so we are going down again this Thursday to check them out.

Hair and Make-up -- Me and two of my bm's have appointments to do hair and make-up this Thursday at a place called Ali's. The owner was very funny and said he would work with our budget. I'll keep you updated.

Okay, so now this week I have a ton of appointments for make-up and hair, I'm getting my hair colored again (it has been a long time), I'm going to the LA flower district, and I have an appointment for eyelash extensions (for our engagement photo on April 6th). What fun!

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Guilty Secret said...

How did your engagement shoot go? Will you share the photos here when you get them?

That is so lovely about your grandma's surprise party :)