18 February 2008

Just getting started...

So, I'm sitting here on my couch perusing the usual wedding websites and blogs, when it suddenly occurs to me that just reading about the dilemmas of other brides isn't doing it for me anymore. I need to vent myself, and I am certain that my mh is getting sick of me calling with all of my troubles. My other bm's are sick of it too, I am sure. So, I've decided to start this online journal to help me through the next seven months or so.

About the title "The Road Less Traveled" - First, I love this poem, and though for some it may seem that planning a wedding isn't exactly the least traveled road, for me it has been a very long journey that took many paths off of the main road. I will be 35 by the time I get married, and though it is my first everything just feels so much different. We are both "settled". We both work in Education and we own a home in the OC. So, life is pretty good; however, our income is well below that of our student's parents and most of our friends. Most everyone we know is a college graduate, and most of them chose not to go into education -- most are in business, law, medicine, etc.. So, here we are trying to plan a wedding for family and friends, on a very small budget in the OC. The AVERAGE wedding here runs $35,000! That is six grand more than I made my first year teaching. Our wedding budget is $12,000, so let the games begin!

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