27 January 2009

Weddingbee Addiction... is there a cure?

Hello, my name is Calioc, and I am addicted to Weddingbee. My wedding was over 5 months ago, but my last Weddingbee post was just 15 minutes ago. I've searched high and low for a cure or a 12-step program -- all to no avail.
So finally, I gave in to my craving and turned in an application to be a Weddingbee Hive Hostess. So, now I no longer need to feel gulity posting on Weddingbee because I have a real reason to be there! Yes, I know I really don't have time for an unpaid job, but if it is something I would be doing anyways... I mean I am so busy that I need a break, something I enjoy and yet still makes me feel useful.
So I am now officially a Weddingbee Hive Hostess under the name Caliocteach!
So, what does a Hive Hostess do?

These are the main things you'd do as a Hive Hostess:
- Welcome new members to the hive
- Comment on threads that have no or few comments
- Bump up threads that have no/few comments
- Start threads on days when it's quiet

Thank you to everyone who made this dream come true...and to those who understand that my addiction is perfectly normal and healthy!


Jenna said...

I'm so happy for you. Some people dont like change, but I think all the new features are really fun.

~K~ said...

I'm sooo addicted to wedding bee too! I think my last comment was about 10 minutes ago... hence how I found you on here and was reading a bit of your blog and think it's hilarious!

My name on weddingbee is kenyabeb. :)