04 January 2009

I know it's not Martha Stewart but...

We are going to be published! Okay, so it is only the Daily Bruin, but it's something isn't it? We were married at the UCLA Faculty Center and the Daily Bruin is doing a news article on weddings held there, so they contacted us for an interview and photos. So, for anyone planning on getting married in LA, here is a review for you! We did the interview via email (boy have times changed), so here is the copy:

When did your wedding take place? Our wedding was on 08.09.08 in the evening around 5 pm
Why did you choose the Faculty Center for your wedding? We wanted an outdoor venue that was affordable and that reflected our love of teaching. My husband is a UCLA alumnus, so it ended up being the perfect venue. We also wanted great pictures, and the campus is beautiful. I had eaten in the faculty center for the Los Angeles Times book awards and was very impressed with the food and the location, so I figured it would be worth checking out
What did you like about the venue?
It is all inclusive, the ceremony and reception in one place. The food and service were wonderful, our guests are still raving about the cocktail hour and the service. The Viennese sweet table was to die for! Ali (the manager) made it a very easy experience and he understood my vision.
How many people attended the ceremony?
122 guests were there for the ceremony and reception.
What do you think you will remember most about the ceremony and your experience with the faculty center?
Honestly, right after the ceremony Ali (the manager at the faculty center) whisked Daryl and I away into a private room with our own hors d’oeuvres and a bottle of champagne. We were only there for about 15 minutes, but it was the best 15 minutes of the night – we got to spend time with each other as a married couple for the first time before running off to take pictures at Royce Hall. Also, the hors d’oeuvres were amazing!
Overall we will remember the intimate setting with all of the wonderful landmarks of UCLA – our pictures turned out amazing because of the beauty of the campus.
And finally, how are you connected to UCLA?
My husband graduated from UCLA in 1997 with a degree in political science and I have attended the book festival there almost every year.

Any other information you would like to include about your wedding would be welcome
We had our rehearsal dinner the night before at the UCLA Faculty Center, 08.08.08, which was also a surprise party for my Grandma who turned 90 on that day.

I love reliving my wedding day! I'm sure everyone else is sick of it, but I will love it forever.



Cathleya said...

Congratulations and GO BRUINS! We wanted to get married at UCLA so badly but we ended up getting married close to my hometown instead... but we always think... WHAT IF? We took our engagement pictures on campus instead :)

CaliOC said...

Cathleya -- We took our engagement photos at UCLA too! Where is your hometown?

Spitzer Tales said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting! Will there be a way for us to see the article online when it comes out?

CaliOC said...

I was told I would get an email with the link when it comes out, so I will post it as soon as I know!

Newlywed Next Door said...

That's fun that you got married at UCLA. We're Trojans, so I can't approve too much... but that's way cute. :-)