10 November 2008

What to do with the dress?

First off, my dress has no garment bag -- it is just hanging in my closet like any other dress. The no garmet bag thing is a fairly long story that I wrote about earlier. I have two major stains on my dress: 1) the train and bottom of the dress is pretty much grey and black from dragging on the floor 2) I did spray tanning before the wedding, so some of it rubbed off on the dress -- mostly on the inside of the dress, but a little at the armpits.

So, the issue is -- what to do with the dress? The dress with alterations and tax ran me about $750.00. It will cost me about $200 to get it properly cleaned. According to Weddingbee, one of the best places for dress cleaning is Wed Clean. I've called around, and their prices are within range of everyone else.

If I keep the dress, I need to get it cleaned. If I sell the dress, I need to get it cleaned. Places like the Goodwill won't take the donation unless the dress is cleaned. Most places that sell dresses online charge a posting fee (about $25.00).

I could keep it and not clean it -- but why? I could just throw it away -- but OUCH! I mean, I've never paid this kind of money for a dress before and it just seems wrong to throw it out.

What should I do? I'm very conflicted by this. If I had an overwhealming feeling to keep the dress for sentiment or possibly my daughter, then this wouldn't really be an issue. But I don't feel that way, but I also don't feel like I should just get rid of it either.



jen said...

I love my wedding dress and wish I could wear it around sometimes. Luckily, a girlfriend of mine feels the same way and had a "wedding dress party" where we all came and wore our dresses. It was delightful, hilarious, entertaining, fun, etc. I am so glad I kept my dress. I haven't had it cleaned, it's just hanging in my closet without a garmet bag. I'll get around to that at some point.

CaliOC said...

That is great! I got some good responses from wedding bee, so I think I'm going to keep it. Maybe wear it down the road for a vow renewal. Who knows!

JRB said...

You can also consider donating it to a charity that provides dresses to people who cannot afford it.

CaliOC said...

jrb... yeah I had considered that, but according to the research i've done, I would have to make sure the stains were gone before donating it.

christiana said...

You could always do a really awesome trash the dress session :)

Anonymous said...

THERAPY DRESS. when ever your having a down and out day, pt n the dress and remember the happiest day of your life, and all of the AMAZING feelings will come back!!