19 October 2008

happily ever after

Hello everyone in blog land! I've been MIA with work and worrying about life, so I haven't had much of a chance to even read the blogs let alone update my own. It has been over two months now and people keep asking me if I feel different now that I'm married. The answer is no. I feel exactly the same. Maybe it is because we lived together for over a year before saying "I do", but there isn't this big "OMG we're married" -- it just feels normal; right; the way it is supposed to be. There were a few big moments:
  • Opening our joint checking account and putting eachothers names on things
  • Getting my new SS card and Driver's License
  • Preparing to buy a house together

And... now everyone is talking about kids. I'm 35 and I'm not getting any younger (so they tell me). We've talked about starting right away, but have decided to wait at least a year before trying. Our parents, actually it is mostly his parents and grandpa, are pushing for us to start sooner. His parents even offered for us to move in with them so we could buy a house sooner and get started sooner! Ugh. Never!!

I am also in the middle of working on my master's degree, which isn't really going very well. Because of all the wedding stress over the summer I ended up getting an incomplete in one of my classes, and I have until December to complete the last paper and get it turned in. I'm also having a hell of a time with my master's project. I just can't get into it. Whatever had me motivated to start my master's in the beginning is no longer there.

I've sent out one wave of thank you cards (For gifts we recieved prior to the wedding itself), but the rest are sitting in my living room staring me down. I thought I would be all excited about writing them, but honestly now it feels more like a chore. I'd rather do the dishes than write thank you's. Isn't that horrible???

Okay, so if anyone is reading this, what should I post about next? I'm pretty sure I never finished my wedding day story, or should I post about the honeymoon? What do you want to read???

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GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

more wedding deets please!
and please feel free to blog about getting your masters as a new wife, dealing with family pressure about startign a family, ect....all good stuff!