30 April 2008

More blue shoes...

I think I have finally found THE shoe! Okay, so it is slightly more complicated than that. First, I saw this red shoe on weddingbee.

Then (with the help of some bees), I found this shoe on Zappos.

I am pretty positive that it is the same shoe, so I'm thinking I can dye the shoes the proper color! So, where do I dye shoes? David's Bridal only dyes shoes purchased there. I've heard that payless dyes shoes, so I need to check there -- but please let me know if you know of any other places that dye shoes in so cal.

So, it is still not over -- Zappos only has the shoe in ivory, so I went ahead and purchased it in ivory; then I found it on endless.com in white, so I purchased those too! I know, crazy, but you never know! BTW-- I've already returned all of the other shoes I purchased.


Guilty Secret said...

Wow, they're going to look gorgeous in blue!

GetMarried4Less said...

i've seen these shoes. i think they are sooo cute!

the red looks hot and i think that blue is gonna come off pretty sweet too!

i am looking for a very low kitten like heel. i'm not marrying a tall man and i dont want to be taller than him on the big day so low it is....sexy as heels are, my baby toe have really appreciated me downgrading in the course of our relationship...*wink*

CaliOC said...

guilty secret -- thank you! The first pair I ordered came in the mail today -- they are the ivory ones, and they look great.

getmarried4less -- if you like this shoe, they have the same one with a much shorter heel. Check out endless.com!

Dana said...

Those shoes are hot. I am going to dye my shoes as well. You can take them to any shoe repair shop and they can dye your shoes. Just take a swatch of fabric or something with the color you want so that they can match it. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am going to add you to my blog roll. I am going to post my tag tonight as well. Please visit again!!!! Like your page.

CaliOC said...

Dana -- thanks for the info. I found a place by my work that will dye them for $20.00. I'll be checking out your blog throughout my wedding planning experience!