05 April 2008

Hair comes the... Oh sorry, we're booked!

If you don't want to read a gripe then stop here... Here is the story... My fsil cancelled her wedding over a year before the scheduled date, most of her vendors returned the "non-refundable" deposits, except "Hair Comes the Bride". She left them a $150 deposit for a hair and make-up preview and to hold her date. My fmil called them about two weeks ago and explained to them that her son is engaged and asked if I could use my fsil's deposit. They said yes and confimed that my August 9th date was available, she gave them my phone number and they said they would contact me. After not hearing from them (I waited a week), I went ahead and called them. I called around 4 in the afternoon and got a voicemail message, I left a message with my number and told them to call anytime after 3:00. The next day they called and left me a message at 2pm. I called back around 3pm and left a message (this message game went on for a week) -- apparently this business does not answer their phones. On Thursday I was contacted around 2pm and the message said that she would be in the office until 4:30pm. I got the message at 4:00 and called back right away, once again I got voicemail. Yesterday (Friday) I got off work early, so this time I was able to answer when they called. Finally! I was so happy to finally be able to set up my preview. The lady took all of my information and then put my on hold to check her datebook. She came back on the line and said that they were unavailable for my date. I was shocked -- I explained to her that my fmil called two weeks before and confirmed that my date was available and that the deposit could be transferred to me. The lady said that that was 2 weeks ago, and now the date is booked. I tried explaining to her that she never contacted me after my fmil called her -- that I had to contact her and that I left numerous messages. Her response was "Well, we have a non-refundable deposit, and since we are already booked on your date there is nothing we can do." She didn't even say sorry. I asked her why she didn't mark my date as booked when my fmil called to transfer the deposit to me, and she said because she hadn't talked to me --then I asked why she didn't call me asap after talking to my fmil and she just repeated that the money is non-refundable. Her name is Melissa (pronounce MayLisa).
Okay -- sorry so long -- I told her that in a service based industry you are supposed to work with your customers, and that it seemed like she had just decided that the $150 deposit was "Free" money and she didn't want to have to work for it, so she booked my date (if it is even really booked) after my fmil called so she wouldn't have to do my hair and make-up. She said "believe what you want to believe, the contract is non-refundable".
So -- I understand the Non-Refundable deposit thing -- that is not the issue. This company obviously has no respect for its customers and does not understand the meaning of customer service. I strongly suggest that no one uses this company for their hair and make-up. In addition, I am going to be spreading the word not to use them anywhere I can.
Sorry for the long post.. anyone know of an affordable hair person in so cal? (I've already got a make-up person lined up).

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Guilty Secret said...

How annoying! Ah well, I'm sure you'll sort something else out, and hopefully find someone you feel a lot more comfortable and confident with :)

Pity about the money but at least it was spent a long time ago so its not coming off something else now.