20 April 2008

Make-up Preview

Hello! I am finally back to posting about my wedding. Sorry for the hiatus, just been swamped at work. I've paid to have three make-up previews, and I think I've finally found someone I can work with! She uses mineral make-up (which I wear everyday) and she knows how to make it matte (mineral make-up has a tendency to shine or glow in pictures). The pictures I am posting are of 1) immediatly after the preview outside her studio at around 3:00 in the afternoon, 2) & 3) later that night at dinner around 9pm. The only touch-up I made was lipstick. I think the make-up wore very well. Maybe I need more blush? I am planning on wearing longer eyelashes on the wedding day -- especially on the outer corners. Okay -- opinions please! I am also open to suggestions!!


Guilty Secret said...

Aw, you look lovely! I think the blush is just right, but go with more if you prefer it that way :)

Anonymous said...

I think your eyes are a little too shiny up near your brow bone. It doesn't photograph well.
Otherwise it looks lovely.

GetMarried4Less said...

obviously, i am catching up.....

i like this...pretty.

i wear mineral makeup daily as well....and at one moment was considering it as my wedding makeup too (since it appears i will be doing DIY makeup)

do you know how she made it more matte?

i'm also considering going with MAC for the day bc a friend used it and loved the finish and its staying power. she also photographed beautifully.