06 August 2008

Programs are Done!

Making the programs was a family affair. After printing them, I took everything down to my parents house and we put them together assembly line style. The best part about this was seeing my brother so happy to be involved. Here are the details:
  • Cover: Stardream Quartz with aqua printing (I used my HP InkJet 932c)
  • First layer: Vellum
  • Middle layer: Copy paper (I cheated and made the copies at work, and used their paper cutter!)
  • Ribbon from Jo-Anne's (50 cents a spool)

After looking at templates in Illustrator, Publisher, and MS Word, I ended up going with the Word template. I know that isn't very creative, but what I wanted was so simple.

I printed 100 programs for 120 guests and I've instructed my fh's sisters to hand one per couple or single. The Venn Diagram on the last page is printed on the Vellum. I think they look very pretty, but like my brother said, most will end up in the trash or on the floor of people's cars.


Guilty Secret said...

They look great and it's so sweet you did them as a family.

What is the venn diagram of?

laurajane said...

I love the venn diagram- that is soo cute and such a teacher thing to do! :)