05 August 2008

Table Names and Escort Cards Part II

The escort cards are done, well except for one person who called LAST NIGHT to say her husband will come with her. My moh did all of the handwriting on them for me.

We color coded the cards for the meals, but we also decided to add a stamp to the back with the meal choice. I found menu stamps at papersource.com and then used a Versa Magic Multi-Surface Chalk Ink Pad to stamp the escort cards (in Sea Breeze). I had tried other stamp pads, but they would just smear off of the Stardream surface.

The table names are schools where we have either been students or where we have worked (in some cases both). We are seating my side at tables with my fh's schools and his side at tables with my schools.

On the back of the table names we put our school picture and some interesting info about us from that time.

I found the daisy holders on ebay for cheap -- they are really seating card holders, but they work pretty well for holding up the table names.
We thought this would be a nice way to tie in our Education Theme without it being too cheesy!
~ The only project I have left to do is making my veil! I've finished our programs and I will blog about them later today!

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Sarah said...

I love your weekly complaints!! Too funny. I also hate that people try to guilt you into inviting their boyfriends. YUCK!